Mae Designs | About
Always interested in the visual arts, I got my first "real" camera just before college from my dad. A Pentax K1000 and I fell in love! I know, I know! Same old story that practically every photographer has! So, I won't bore you with a long bio! Just a few quick bullet points to browse if you're interested!

  • Raised in rural Massachusetts, you can clearly see that nature is large influence on my work. Mother nature was practically my best friend growing up, and in some ways still is!
  • I graduated from Franklin Pierce College with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Minor in Marketing and Fine Arts, with a strong focus in photography.
  • I have 2 sweet energetic kids that have furthered my education and helped me refine my negotiation skills! These skills have been really useful during my family and child photo shoots!
  • A member of the Arts League of Lowell since 2004, I regularly display my work in their gallery and at other local galleries and shows.
  • Most recently I have developed a handmade jewelry line with my original photographs set in a jewelers grade resin creating beautiful pendants, earrings and bracelets! This work is available for sale on my Etsy page, by catching me at a table show or by contacting me directly.

Artist Statement: The art of capturing an idea, emotion or detail is the underlying motivation for most of my work. Something catches my imagination and I feel compelled to somehow present it to the world. I'm very interested in seeing ordinary things from a different perspective and am fascinated with the effect color and light can have on a subject.

I welcome you to come back and check in on my latest work! Thanks for visiting!!
~Amanda Mae